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Breathwork  Meditation in Los Angeles

Yoga meditation

Meditation is a technique for nurturing and blossoming your inner divinity. It helps you get in tune with our inner universe, shed your preconceived inhibitions, and become more and more you.


Even when the human brain has its own set of core processes, you may train it to improve and manage them by exposing it to a learning arc in which you teach it patterns and routes of activities in a controlled setting.

Other biological functions, albeit through the subconscious or muscle stimuli, can be regulated and guided in the same way as the human mind.


If you find it challenging to bridge the gap between the inner universe and our outer surroundings, breathwork meditation in Los Angeles at CO5MOSIS might be the solution you've been craving. Deep breathing improves the amount of oxygen delivered to your brain and activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which promotes a state of calmness.


In the comparison of traditional meditation to breathwork meditation, one advantage is that with breathwork meditation, you don't need to fight your rampant thoughts to get into a meditative state; you just let the body do the work, and these rhythmic exercises, in return, help release the attachment to the thoughts and allow you to get into a meditative state.


Who can benefit from breathwork Meditation?


Breathwork meditation in Los Angeles is a guided session focused on healing which anyone can benefit from. A major group who reap benefits from breathwork meditation are people who are chronically stressed, dealing with high states of anxiety, or struggling with addiction either of physical substance or mental validation.


At CO5MOSIS, for the guided breathwork meditation in Los Angeles, Vanessa helps with routine breathwork exercises which focus on your conscious awareness of your inhales and exhales. These exercises use deep, focused breathing that lasts a specific amount of time.

The breathing meditation, particularly for anxiety, acts as a therapeutic breathing technique that assists you with emotional coping and personal well-being.

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