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Emotional Healing and Spiritual Cleansing in Los Angeles

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We humans oftentimes act as the puppet of our circumstances, guided by these fleeting moments to take important decisions and steer our life. We are living in a period unlike any other in human history when individuals have had access to so many different points of view on every single topic and keyword they can think of.


One has access to so many views, belief systems, and ways of engaging with the reality that the venue to try them out may fall short, but the methods won't.


More often than not, the availability of many views corrupts our thought process. We see ourselves surrounded by people and habits that we know to be harmful to us but still find us unable to shed these negative connotations of our life.


Vanessa started CO5MOSIS with the same purpose to help people in their journey of emotional healing in Los Angeles. An empath by nature, she understands how painful it is to feel stuck in life and find yourself in a state of disempowerment.


Reiki is a non-religious, non-belief-based holistic hands-on or off-energy healing treatment often hailed as the best spiritual healing in Los Angeles. It's a belief that we're made up of a variety of interconnected energy fields that respond to our health, decisions, and even our thoughts, lifestyle, and surroundings.


With the involvement of Reiki and breathwork meditation, Vanessa strives to awaken everyone to the magic and joy of being alive. Her passion and purpose are to empower you to let go of whom you think you should be and instead remember who you are, reclaim your connection to life force energy and rise into being the highest and most authentic expression of yourself.


Because of our ever-changing environments and experiences, our various energy systems will fluctuate. Book California's Best Spiritual Cleansing Session at CO5MOSIS. Reiki can help us maintain balance.

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