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       Breathwork Healing Los Angeles

Kundalini Namaste

Emotional and spiritual health are important aspects of one's overall well-being and healing.

When faced with issues, we tend to develop a protective shell of emotions around ourselves, such as rage and depression, which we believe we can handle more readily.


Then, when the intense emotions become more challenging to manage, we build more layers of protection. Holotropic breathwork for bipolar disorder and anxiety is a widely suggested and discussed exercise for healing and gaining control over the unresolved grief that lies at the root of these issues.


The honest and straightforward answer to the various issues about dealing with these emotions is meditation using holotropic breathwork for healing.


The master of our body- the brain is incredibly powerful, with the ability to make or break you as a person. We've become accustomed to operating and controlling our bodies through the mind's portal.


Meditation is all about becoming more aware of your actions, your inner self. Holotropic Breathwork Healing is a sort of active meditation that entails breathing exercises in order to alter one's mood or state of mind. It requires you to observe your breath without altering it, whereas mindfulness requires you to watch it without modifying it.


We may reverse engineer this biological process of our body to carry out and manage the mind through the regulation of these senses, just as our mind controls our bodily parts and other organs. Regulating and channeling energy throughout the body to preserve the flow is at the basis of retaining and directing the senses and getting control over your emotions.


Holotropic Breathwork in Los Angeles is becoming a more practical alternative to traditional meditation for many people who struggle to sit still and concentrate on their thoughts due to its inclusive and uncomplicated character. At CO5MOSIS, Reiki master Vanessa conducts guided sessions for Holotropic Breathwork focused on emotional healing and channeling your inner energy to rejuvenate the balance of chakras.

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