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Reiki Healer in Los Angeles


The natural state of the mind-body connection is of harmony and unity. When this balance is disrupted, chaos ensues within oneself.


Such as for every chaos lies its solution lying in plain silence. All remedies are given by mother earth. The art of healing comes from nature, not from the physician. Therefore the physician must start from nature with an open mind.


One’s life is balanced by the smooth, harmonious function of mind, body, and spirit, which is unique for each individual. The focus on rebuilding this harmony is an essential component to the principle of Reiki. Healers use hands-on palm energy healing techniques to reduce stress and break down energy blocks within the body.

Reiki healer in Los Angeles


Practitioners using the reiki technique to heal patients are reiki healers; one who has practiced Reiki for a significant while and is dedicated to his art form is Reiki master Healer.


In general, no prior training, education, or experience is necessary to enter Reiki training or the “attunement process.” It is the Reiki master healer in Los Angeles who transfers the attunement energy and healing techniques to the students. The process grants you the access to connect to the universal energy, giving you the power to heal yourself when and where you may need it.


If you are looking for a reiki infinite healer in Los Angeles, then let this be the final stop of your quest. Vanessa, the founder of CO5MOSIS, is a reiki healer based in Los Angeles with many years of experience in healing and uplifting others. With a unique combination of reiki technique and breathing meditation, the focus is on the recovery of a patient with stellar results.


At CO5MOSIS, Reiki infinite healer teaches you how to develop the healing power of a seasoned Reiki practitioner and ultimately master the technique.

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