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The Queen Of Calm

The Queen Of Calm

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Helping High Performers Find Purpose and Freedom


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Why Vanessa?

Are you a high performer who's constantly pushing boundaries but feeling like something's missing? Maybe you're searching for more focus, creativity, and balance in your busy life. What if I told you there's a way to unlock these superpowers? Energy work could be the key.


Many high achievers are turning to energy work to boost their performance without adding more stress. It's not about working harder—it's about tapping into your inner energy and aligning it with your goals.

With energy work, you can:


- Enhance Focus: Experience a clearer mind and deeper concentration, allowing you to work more efficiently.

- Boost Creativity: Unlock the flow state where innovative ideas come effortlessly.

- Achieve Balance: Find harmony between your personal and professional life, reducing burnout and stress.

If you're curious about how energy work can transform your approach to success, you're not alone. Join the growing number of high performers who are exploring this powerful modality.


Ready to unlock your hidden superpowers?

Kalen Aradia.png

Kalen A.

Vanessa addressed deep ancestral wounding and confronted the inner critic who sabotages my self-love practice. We dove into the depths of my challenges from an energetic standpoint and she left me with tangible possibilities for further growth. If you are looking for a guide who can help you mirror your patterns with a holistic integrative approach look no further than CO5MOSIS.  


Jamie L.

Vanessa and the essence of CO5MOSIS come directly from the stars. Her depth of spirit and breadth of knowledge is undeniable when you experience her full attention and present awareness in sessions with her. She resonates with you wherever you are to shine her light and take you further in your desired direction. Do you ache to be seen? Are you needing to know where your blind spots are? Are you consciously on a spiritual journey? Work with her today.

Vanessa leaned into my blind spots and the dark mucky stuff that was stuck in my body and energetic field, and offered herself as a channel for these unseen things; together we cleared them. I am forever grateful for the continued shifts that take place in my life with each clearing that happens. Thank you, Vanessa!

Headshot Jordan Wentz.JPG

Jordan W.

Before working with Vanessa, I was still holding myself back and had trauma I hadn't dealt with that was negatively affecting me, every day. Working with her was so powerful, profound, and very moving. Through healing my relationship with myself, I'm able to show up more authentically with others. I now feel in total alignment with who I am. Vanessa is different from other coaches not only because her methods are unlike any other, but because her energy is incredible, beautiful, divine, and heart-opening. Thank you, Vanessa! 

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