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Empowering artists and creatives to connect to their superconscious, take back their power, and become the predominant creative force in their lives.

"Listen to the silence, it has so much to say." -Rumi

Earth Goddess Healer & Spiritual Connection Specialist,

Vanessa Viola,



The Phoenix Priestess Initiation

Reclaim your Divine femme power, find your true purpose,

and quantum leap into limitless abundance, freedom, and ecstasy in just 12 weeks!


Are you feeling like you don’t have a sense of purpose and your life is wasting away as you wait for the clock to strike 5 so you can get that next drink, toke, line...? Or are you dreaming of that rich, hot guy who’s going to swoop in and save you?


You’re wanting to forge your own path but no matter how hard you try, you seem to fall victim to old programming and toxic behaviors that keep you stuck on an endless treadmill of self-sabotage, low self-worth, and desperation.


You pursue the things that society says will make you happy only to feel emptier and more lost than ever in your relationships with friends, lovers, family, career, and your body and soul.


What if…in just 12-weeks YOU:

  • Went from feeling overwhelmed and exhausted to replenishing your life force energy so you can live with limitless clarity and vitality.

  • Stopped the cycle of scarcity and lack and had a crystal-clear connection to your superconscious and generated limitless abundance in any area of your luscious life using your thoughts and emotions to become the predominant creative force in your life.

  • Went from feeling empty to feeling arousal in ecstasy that came from within and not from a YSL bag, TikTok likes, or a new pair of Lululemon.

  • Stopped overcommitting and extending yourself to knowing how valuable you and your time truly are.


  • Stopped the cycle of shame and guilt and instead felt an inner peace and vibrated at galactic-high frequency.


There are ONLY 2 spots at this price.

What's The Story, Morning Glory?



Within a minute of meeting Vanessa, she put her hands on me and told me word-for-word quotes that my partner had screamed at me. And even though I had already been in therapy for 4 years, I felt like I got more out of my first 20 minutes with her than I did the entirety of my therapy. I truly feel that I have become more whole as a person. I find myself being kinder to myself, being more patient with others, and not getting upset over things I can’t control. My relationships with my friends and family have become stronger, I became more vulnerable with them by opening up about my experiences with my abusive partner but also on how reiki and spirituality gave me strength. Vanessa not only heals, but she helps you transform into a better, stronger, healthier, and happier self. Because of my invaluable experiences with her, not only did I learn so much about myself and my needs, but I have been able to release so much anger and pain, set healthy boundaries, examine my attachment style, and become a more peaceful person. I will forever be grateful for her gifts. She is genuine and honest, and I trust her wholeheartedly. 

-Sarah E.

I experienced vivid, movie-like memories from childhood as well as communication from two family members that passed during that time period-something I’ve never experienced before and didn’t consider possible. Vanessa will find what needs to be released, what are deep-rooted, personality-building beliefs and pain, and gently bring them up to you, in a neutral, non-judgmental way, so that you can understand yourself better. She gives you a safe space to cry or laugh as these things surface- her sense of humor was a relief for me being in such a new and at times uncomfortable environment. It was a very powerful journey.

-Kathryn E.

Divine healer. Spiritually gifted. Wise sage. Vibrant soul. Vanessa is absolutely incredible. Her reiki and breathwork practices have changed my life.  I have experienced deeper reflections, more connectedness with myself and my spirituality, and feel empowered to heal myself and others. She is a wealth of knowledge and incorporates different eastern belief systems, like chakras and meditation, into the process. I would recommend Vanessa to anyone who is looking to experience holistic healing and tap into their own power as well.

-Gabriela L.


Vanessa is a true healer and helper. While I feel talk therapy alone is important; the need to move energy and address things at a physical/soul level are all too important. Working with Vanessa has helped me work through some very difficult family changes and losses. She is the perfect combination of grounded and spiritual. She’s practical, supportive, and intentional with her work. Please give yourself the gift of her work. I feel like she’s helped me come home to myself.

-Jebell G.









  • is a certified 12th generation Usui trained Reiki master, sound therapist, and spiritual and life purpose coach with a dynamic skill set and open heart to support you as you recreate your life.

  • has survived emotionally, mentally, and physically abusive relationships and can guide you through a deep healing process to unravel the story that has you stuck in toxic patterns.

  • has 7+ years’ experience holding a sacred and safe space for profound transformation on a subconscious level.

  • has 10+ years of training and research in natural biohacking to support your curiosity and desire to master the latest and greatest information.

  • is a magical manifestor who can attune to life force energy and download your divine guidance to catapult you in the direction of your dreams.

  • uses modalities to help you become the predominant creative force in your life that are a little bit “woo-woo” and a whole lot backed by science.

  • is clairaudient and clairvoyant trained in spirit hacking by a 6th generation modern-day shaman.

  • is compassionate and open-minded because she’s traveled the road less traveled and has felt the pain of being rejected and abandoned before finding her inner holy sanctuary and reclaiming her power and independence.

tele: 323.397.2807


ig: @vanessaviola5D

Los Angeles, CA // United States

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Reiki Healer 
Breathwork Facilitator
Sound Therapy
Spiritual Life Coach


Hello, Gorgeous!

I'm so happy you're here with me right now. My name is Vanessa Viola, I'm a super potent Reiki Master and spiritual connection specialist, and I'm the founder of CO5MOSIS. I stand for empowering artists and creatives to reconnect to their higher self, reawaken their power, and make the rest of their life the best of their life.

All of what I know is by way of the mistakes I've made along the way on this giant search for love, abundance, and transformation. I've learned to quiet the noise, tap into Divine wisdom, and listen to the guidance and ancient wisdom from my guides, ancestors, and higher self.  Along the way, I've cultivated an extraordinary bag of tools that have kept me in alignment with my highest good. My most potent superpower is harnessing these cosmic powers and sharing them with you. I see you and I stand for your sacred transformation. You have one life. Follow your calling. Follow your heart. Root and Rise.


 Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


Shift & Lift,



Vanessa is incredible! I really had no understanding of what Reiki or the impact it would have but I knew that there was a reason I had randomly met Vanessa. We were so connected energetically off the bat and her warmth instantly makes you feel comfortable and open with her. She is incredibly intuitive and sensitive. She brought something out of me that I did not even know had affected me for nearly my entire life. Memories and feelings that I did not remember from 20+ years resurfaced, and I was able to look directly at them, feel them and learn how to shed the negativity through my journey with Reiki and Vanessa. I have had the pleasure of introducing her to many close friends as well whom she has positively impacted. Everyone always has the most overwhelmingly positive feedback, and I am so grateful that I met her and can share her gift with those closest to me. Thank you, Vanessa! So much!

-Noha S.

Vanessa sees the truth of the “matter.” By the “matter,” I mean, that “knowing” that you might be choosing to ignore. That knowing that you put on a mental shelf to deal with “later.” Ignoring the knowing has been toxic for me. Vanessa created a secure container and was gentle but honest with what was showing up. What had been for a long time too difficult to look at because it brought up too much pain, was put before me. Beyond the pain was the surrender and being a mirror for what I needed to see. She is gifted and met me where I was.  An incredible healing experience!

-Missi B.


It is such a blessing and a gift to get to work with Vanessa. My aunt is a Reiki healer based in Virginia, and she spoiled me with her amazing Reiki healings, which I only get to enjoy once every few years. For me, no one in LA (I’ve lived here for 11 years) could come close to my aunt’s incredible work. I first experienced Vanessa’s healings in the monthly New Moon/Full Moon Detox + Yin classes at the Urban Exhale Yoga Studio (now Urban 728), and then one day, I had a hunch that I specifically needed to do healings with Vanessa. My aunt is an artist and Reiki Master, and Vanessa is that as well. We explore together. We heal different parts of me that I often didn’t even realize needed help but were the better for it after the healing. With Vanessa, I really don’t know what we will uncover and work through in each session, but she holds such space and is so open, that what needs help, which is hiding even from me, surfaces with her. I’ve always believed Reiki is more than just balancing the chakras and Vanessa and the work she offers confirm this truth. Anyone who is great at what they do has a holistic effect on their client: great doctors don’t just fix the pain, they educate and make sure the patient has tools to take preventative action; teachers don’t just teach a subject, they inspire their students to dig deeper and perhaps create and heal through the process; that’s what Vanessa brings to her Reiki work: mind, body, soul, consciousness, ______________. Truly gifted practitioner.

-Christine Q.


To say that Vanessa changed my life for the better is an understatement. In our sessions, I felt safe, heard, and helped. She is a very special person with a beautiful gift and a yearning to help others. I have connected at least five of my friends who are her clients now. I recommend Vanessa to everyone I come across. Because it truly helps. If you haven’t tried Reiki yet with Vanessa, this is a sign you should.

-Whitney D.


Vanessa is magic and superwoman. She is truly a master at Reiki. I felt an instant connection with her and her incredible energy. I was able to work through and process the pain of a recent break-up. I gained clarity, inner peace, and presence. She is a beautiful human inside and out. I am so thankful. Thank you, Vanessa, for your healing energy and incredible work! You are an angel!

-Hilary B.





"Every moment in this eternal now is a moment to begin again." -Vanessa 


© 2016 by Vanessa Viola founder of C O 5 M O S I S ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


My wish is to inspire you to discover your highest potential, to help you in getting the results you want in life.  As stipulated by law, I cannot and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money with my ideas, information, tools or strategies.  What happens in your life is entirely based upon your efforts, your skillset, your level of awareness and the action you take to provide service to others. That being said, I believe in you and am here to support you, to share every bit of wisdom, knowledge, tools, strategies, and information I have to help you make your biggest dreams come true. 

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