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The Queen Of Calm

Release anxiety, fear, and overwhelm, to unleash your divine feminine brilliance, and harness the power of inner peace to radiate beauty, triple your energy, and create the life you want in just 12 weeks.

Unlock a world of unlimited possibilities with CO5MOSIS. Our holistic healing services are designed to help you find balance and harmony in your life. Discover your inner strength and heal yourself from within with CO5MOSIS.

Open your heart to love!

What's The Story, Morning Glory?

Why Co5mosis?

Vanessa Viola is a one-of-a-kind Earth Goddess Healer and Spiritual Life Coach with a dynamic skill set and an open heart to support you as you recreate your life.

Woman being silenced by her partner putting on his hands on her mouth.jpg
Survived emotionally, mentally, and physically abusive relationships
12th generation Usui Reiki Master
 & Sound Therapist
Clairaudient & clairvoyant trained in spirit hacking by a 6th generation Shaman
10+ years natural biohacking training
8+ years’ experience holding sacred space
8+ years’ experience holding sacred space
Compassionate and open-minded

Within a minute of meeting Vanessa, she put her hands on me and told me word-for-word quotes that my partner had screamed at me. I gained more insight working with her than I did in 4 years of therapy.

Sarah E.

I experienced vivid, movie-like memories from childhood as well as communication from two family members that passed during that time period—something I’ve never experienced before and didn’t consider possible.

Kathryn R.

Divine healer. Spiritually gifted.

Wise sage. Vibrant soul. Vanessa is absolutely incredible. Her methodology has completely changed my life.

Gabriela L.

While I feel talk therapy alone is important; the need to move energy is important. Working with Vanessa helped me work through some very difficult family changes and losses.

Jebel Z.


"I see you and I stand for your sacred transformation. You have one life. Follow your calling. Follow your heart. Root and Rise."

Vanessa Viola, Founder, Co5mosis

What clients say!!

"Vanessa brought something out of me that I did not even know had affected me for nearly my entire life. Memories and feelings that I did not remember for 20+ years resurfaced..."

-Noha S.

"Vanessa sees the truth of the “matter.”  An incredible healing experience!"

-Missi B.

"We explore together. We heal different parts of me that I often didn’t even realize needed help, Vanessa holds such space and is so open."

-Christine Q.


"In our sessions, I felt safe, heard, and helped. She is a very special person with a beautiful gift and a yearning to help others." 

-Whitney D.


"Vanessa is magic and superwoman. She is truly a master at Reiki. I gained clarity, inner peace, and presence."

-Hilary B.






© 2016 by Vanessa Viola founder of C O 5 M O S I S ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


My wish is to inspire you to discover your highest potential, to help you in getting the results you want in life.  As stipulated by law, I cannot and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money with my ideas, information, tools or strategies.  What happens in your life is entirely based upon your efforts, your skillset, your level of awareness and the action you take to provide service to others. That being said, I believe in you and am here to support you, to share every bit of wisdom, knowledge, tools, strategies, and information I have to help you make your biggest dreams come true. 

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